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Warmshield UK recycling involves sending all our recyclable waste to be made in to other products, this waste includes waste from making New windows to the windows and doors we replace. At Warmshield UK we’re very conscious of green issues and global warming so we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment as well as promoting energy efficiency with all our customers.

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  • Warmshield energy efficient products like our energy saving Triple Glazing and our Renewable Energy products are helping to improve energy efficiency in homes across the UK.
  • Our precise manufacturing and state-of-the-art machinery produces minimal or no waste, any waste created is recycled.
  • Our products use Pilkington energiKare™ ans Saint Gobain energy saving technology.
  • Our energy efficient triple glazing is built to last over 30 years and has considerably less environmental impact than timber products.
  • Recycled plastic can be used to make UPVC windows and doors again but they loose their colour after a few years, many manufacturers use recycled materials with the argument that it has less of an impact but in truth recycled plastics used for windows and door are not very durable. Windows and doors have to endure adverse weather conditions in the UK which causes recycled UPVC to discolour, so Warmshield UK only use virgin UPVC so you don’t have to change your windows and doors every few years. This plastic is fully recyclable and in the long term is a greener choice to make.
  • We recycle everything that can be recycled, paper in the office to the windows and doors we replace in an effort to minimize landfill.


The old windows and doors need to go somewhere so are recycled or disposed of , so we’ve put measures in place throughout our company to reduce waste and increase recycling activity.

As you can see Warmshield not only promote energy efficiency but we were also determined to reducing our impact on the environment. Manufacturers like Warmshield have a lot of waste, in order to reduce our carbon footprint as a manufacturer we are always looking at better methods to manage our waste, considering new ideas put forward by staff and improving on the way we manage the waste, reducing our impact on the environment year after year.

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