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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient. 5 Great Tips!

Make your home more energy efficient. 5 Great Tips! With rising energy bills, many people are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency around the home. This article will provide some helpful tips on how you can make your home more energy efficient while reducing your electricity and gas bills. Insulation (Lots of Insulation) Most [...]

Triple Glazed Eco Home in Birmingham Wins Housing Award

Front of Triple Glazed Eco Home Triple Glazed Eco Home in Birmingham Wins Housing Award! House in Birmingham with triple glazing is now being called the most energy efficient and most environmentally friendly home in the country. It has been awarded a gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects. The Birmingham [...]

Triple Glazing is Better Than Double Glazing – Explained

It is a fact that adding a triple glazed unit to a window improves the energy efficiency and sound proofing of a window, to a point where triple glazing could increase the performance of a window by approximately  50% as compared to standard energy rated double glazing. Simply put, minimum regulation requirement in the UK [...]

Warmshield Triple Glazed Windows – Save More with Triple Glazing

Energy efficient triple glazing It is known fact that energy prices are going through the roof and are having a negative financial impact on everyone. Whilst not much can be done to reduce these prices the UK homeowners can still save money by changing their windows and doors to triple glazing. In Germany [...]

Triple Glazing, Best Triple Glazed Windows with 44mm Glass Unit

Passivhaus Certified Triple Glazed Windows 44mm triple glazed glass units are now available in triple glazed windows. Windows with 44mm glass units are much more energy efficient than double glazed and triple glazed windows with a 24mm or 28mm unit. The increase in performance is due to there being more space between the [...]

Triple Glazing Windows Compared to Double Glazing

There are triple glazed windows out there that are less energy efficient than double glazed windows, this all depends on how the window is manufactured and the quality of materials used. The first thing to get familiar with when buying windows is U-Values and the energy rating system. The minimum regulation requirement is a C [...]

Argon Gas is used is used to fill double glazed and triple glazed windows

Argon gas is filled between the panes of glass. One of the main properties of Argon gas is its ability to become dense in cold temperatures, therefore not allowing any heat exchange and reducing the amount of heat loss through windows and doors, it also allows more heat (energy) in from the sun through the [...]

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