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Carbon Footprint

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We want to help you save money and save the environment by improving energy efficiency and addressing fuel poverty, with increasing pressure on energy proficiency, recycling and ecological understanding, we are all growing to be more aware about the impact we are having on the environment. YOU can create a distinction NOW by decreasing your “Carbon Footprint”.

Energy efficient double glazing alone can save the average household about two-thirds of a tonne (680kg) of CO2 a year and if you think that is a lot then think how much of an impact you would save the environment by having Triple Glazing or a Renewable Energy installation. The aim is to reduce our energy bills and to do our part for environment at the same time.


  • Triple Glazing has Optimum airspace to reduce noise, condensation and improve energy efficiency.
  • Triple Glazing is up to 40% more energy efficient and sound proof than double glazing.
  • Triple Glazing seals and gaskets further reduce heat loss, draughts and imro.
  • Pilkington energiKare™ and Saint Gobain Low E Coated glass allows heat from the sun to enter your home and then retains the heat, natural free heat available from the sun all year round, this is the glass we use in our energy efficient Triple Glazing.


What is a “Carbon Footprint”?

It is the sum of the greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that you generate into the atmosphere as an outcome of your everyday routines, for instance:


  • Heating and lighting – energy stations emits CO2 from burning energy resource to deliver the electric power you utilize.
  • Exploring – transportation, vehicles and air-crafts generate CO2 by burning non-renewable energy sources – oil, petrol, diesel and gas.
  • Waste – the power utilized to generate paper and wrapping, and the slicing  of trees, produces and raises CO2.


How can I preserve energy and decrease my “Carbon Footprint”?

Transport is one of the major causes of global warming, the use of cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes etc. The measures we can take to save on fuel costs and lower the effects of global warming include cycling to work, using shared transport ie, buses and shared taxis. If you drive then buying an energy efficient hybrid would be the greenest choice to make, it is not just the greenest choice but also the most cost efficient in the long term, some hybrid cars use 50% less fuel than diesel and petrol cars. Electric cars are also something that is about to be introduced and will be great for the environment as they will be 0 emission cars and there are many ways to generate clean electric to fuel them.

Triple Glazing is a great way of reducing energy bills and keeping the house warm. With U-Values as low as 0.8 in our Triple Glazed windows;  The Warmshield UK 44mm Triple Glazed window is a 0 Carbon emission window. Triple Glazing is not only great for energy efficiency but it is also great for sound proofing.

You can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs by making greener choices from today.


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