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Front of Triple Glazed Eco Home

Triple Glazed Eco Home in Birmingham Wins Housing Award! House in Birmingham with triple glazing is now being called the most energy efficient and most environmentally friendly home in the country. It has been awarded a gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The Birmingham home was once an ordinary Victorian terraced house on Tindal Street in Birmingham, West Midlands. It has now been awarded a gold medal for being a zero carbon home.

John Christopher’s is an architect who lives in the the house with his family. The house is so energy efficient that it is actually giving back electricity to the national grid.

The triple glazed Birmingham home uses no fossil fuel at all! It has lots of triple glazing, insulation and ventilation making the home so energy efficient that it would warm up if you lit a candle in it.

Rear of Triple Glazed Eco Home

Rear of Triple Glazed Eco Home

Mr Christopher had 3 goals:
• To develop a zero carbon house that would use no fossil fuels.
• He wanted to use an existing building rather than building a new one.
• His vision was to create a home with plenty of room and light: ‘Green doesn’t have to be dull’ Mr Christopher’s once said in an interview.

Inside one of the walls in the Birmingham award winning home is a Smart Meter that shows how much electric is going back to the grid for the rest of us to use.

The triple glazed Birmingham home has walls full with insulation. For his insulation he used a material called Neopor which is a foam based product peppered with graphite. This helps make the home more energy efficient by not allowing the heat to escape and making it bounce back into the home.

Triple glazed windows aid heating along with a ventilation system and two solar panel systems. one solar PV panel system for electricity and a Solar thermal system which is used for the homes hot water needs.

Mr Christopher’s home has a record 93 per cent heat recovery unlike most homes that are constantly leaking energy. That is what sets this Triple Glazed Birmingham home apart from the rest.

On the inside, the house is made using renewable materials. Even the plaster is made using recycled glass rather than sand. Kitchen worktops are also made from recycled materials. Some of the floors and the stairs are made from materials he rescued from an abandoned Digbeth factory.

A 2500 litre tank lays under the triple glazed Birmingham home and that collects rain from off the roof. The tank took less than a year to fill and the filtered water supply runs the toilet, washing machine and a few selected taps.

The inside of the home is a chain of panels and balconies that connect the high-ceiling rooms, you can either open things up for more space or close them up and have privacy.

The home stands out like a sore thumb compared to others on the 170 year old Tindal Street in Birmingham.

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