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Energy efficient triple glazing

It is known fact that energy prices are going through the roof and are having a negative financial impact on everyone. Whilst not much can be done to reduce these prices the UK homeowners can still save money by changing their windows and doors to triple glazing. In Germany about 40% of homes already have triple glazed windows and doors. Unfortunately in the UK we are stuck with “double glazing” and there is not much awareness about this new form of energy efficiency.

Research conducted by the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) states that 26% of all heat escapes through the windows and concludes that an average household can save approximately £3910 on fuel bills per annum and 17.5 tonnes of CO2 over a period of ten years with an A rated window. Warmshield triple glazed windows can achieve U-Values as low as 0.8 which is much less than an A rated window (typical U-Value usually around 1.4 ) so the savings will be comparatively more. Besides the thermal efficiency triple glazing is also effective for sound proofing thus limiting outdoor noise from entering your home.

Due to the third pane of glass, added security is also provided as the windows are less likely to be broken into giving extra peace of mind.

Therefore, it makes more sense to replace windows to triple glazed windows to cut down on not only fuel costs but also carbon emissions resulting in a more comfortable, warmer, energy efficient, secure and quieter home.

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