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Passivhaus Certified Triple Glazed Windows

Passivhaus Certified Triple Glazed Windows

44mm triple glazed glass units are now available in triple glazed windows. Windows with 44mm glass units are much more energy efficient than double glazed and triple glazed windows with a 24mm or 28mm unit. The increase in performance is due to there being more space between the panes of glass and more spacer bar, warm edge spacer bars are the most energy efficient and further improve the performance of the glass. A triple glazed window with a 44mm glass unit is much more energy efficient, sound proof and secure than double glazing and triple glazing with a 24mm or 28mm glass unit. The highest specification for triple glazed windows in brief is a 70mm outer frame, 44mm glass units, argon gas filled glass with warm edge spacer bars. Windows made to this specification are highly energy efficient and sound proof to a point where they surpass the airport specification. Windows and Doors of this specification can silence any road, motorway or airport. Availability of triple glazing meeting this specification is quite limited in the UK, available from only a few specialist companies including Warmshield.

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